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GP Drive: Glockner Opening - 14 May 2022 - Single Seater (1 Person, 1 Car)

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Refund Policy

Tickets to GP Events (excl. the GP ICE RACE) are excluded from refunds and cannot be returned as the ticket constitutes a service related to a leisure activity attached to specific dates. Furthermore, tickets are personalised and, as customised items, are similarly excluded from returns.

Shipping Policy

Digital products will be shared to the email provided during checkout. You agree to the use of that email for communications related to providing you with all digital products directly related to your purchase with checkout completion.
You will receive your personalised road pass via email within three days of your order. You will also receive a personalised merch voucher in this email. PLEASE PRINT OUT BOTH YOUR ROAD PASS AND MERCH VOUCHER UPON RECEPTION. You will need to hand in the road pass at the toll gate. You will hand in the merch voucher to us when you pick up your merch at Mankei by GP on May 14. 

The package is intended for a single person and includes:

One Road Pass to the Grossglockner alpine road, valid only for the entered license plate number. This road pass must be handed in at the toll gate in print form.  

One exclusive GP car sticker available only on-site at this drive. If you're not there, you won't get it. 

One official 2022 GP ICE RACE Art Print in A2. 

One cup of coffee chosen from our GP specialty roasts: The Black Roast or The Yeti Roast. 

Again, please print out both the road pass and the merch voucher once you receive them and bring them with you to the drive.  
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